Sunday, August 1st, 2021
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Athens Township Construction Code Enforcement

Athens Township has adopted as its construction (building) code Pennsylvania's statewide building code, generally known as the Uniform Construction Code (UCC). The Township has partnered with a third party inspection and review agency, Code Inspections INC. to review, inspect and enforce the requirements set forth in the Uniform Construction Code using certified inspectors and plan reviewers.


Code Inspections INC will issue building (construction) permits for all construction projects within the township. Their representative, Matt Gorman, has office hours at the township office Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 PM to 3 PM. DUE TO COVID-19 PROTOCOLS, THESE OFFICE HOURS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. APPLICATIONS/PAYMENTS CAN STILL BE MADE AT THE TOWNSHIP OFFICE. You may contact their office at
(570) 928-9208

Code Inspections, Inc. website